If you are signing up for medical coverage, have changes to your current medical coverage, or if you want to reject medical coverage, you must complete this section.


  • I am not covered by any other health coverage that is not a high deductible health plan ($1,200 minimum for individuals and $2,400 minimum for families), and

If the above statement is true, you can enroll in the Consumer Option.

If you have dual coverage under both U-Haul and your spouse's plan, and you select the Consumer Option, your spouse's plan must also be a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). However, if the spouse does NOT have an HDHP, the team member may decline coverage under the spouse's plan and then enroll in the Consumer Option.

Example: Cindy works for U-Haul, her spouse does not. Cindy and her spouse both have employer provided coverage and are enrolled in both plans. They and their dependents have dual coverage. For 2014 Cindy chooses the Consumer Option, an HDHP, her spouse's plan is not an HDHP. Cindy cannot participate in the Consumer Option unless she drops coverage under her spouse's plan. Cindy can however, decline coverage under her spouse's plan and enroll in the Consumer Option. Dependents could be added under both plans.

If a team member has dual coverage under both U-Haul and their spouse's employer sponsored plan, there is no coordination of benefits for prescriptions. You must choose one plan or the other for your prescription needs.


  • As a family you must participate in the same AMERCOŽ medical option (AMP Consumer Option or AMP Bronze Option).
  • You must decide who will be the primary insured (claims will be filed by medical providers under the primary insured's ID number).
  • The primary insured must complete this section in its entirety, listing the other person as a dependent spouse under the "Spouse Information" section.
  • The spouse who is not going to be the primary insured must also complete an enrollment form and ONLY needs to check the box stating "I reject coverage - My spouse is a U-Haul Team member, I am covered as a dependent under my spouse's medical option."


Confirm whether or not you want medical coverage by checking the appropriate box to elect medical coverage and participate in the AMERCO Wellness Program, or reject medical coverage.

NEW FOR THE CONSUMER PLAN IN 2014: In order to be eligible for U-Haul's contribution to your HSA/SSA, you (and your covered spouse) must successfully complete the following voluntary program activities:

Upon completing the program activities, U-Haul will make the following contributions:

If all activity programs are completed U-Haul will have a total contribution of $300 member-only coverage or $600 for family coverage.
If you or your spouse do not wish to voluntarily participate in the programs, you may continue to contribute to your account, however you will only receive $76 for member-only or $152 for family coverage.

NOTE: All voluntary program activities must be completed by March 31, 2014 to receive employer contribution amounts.

If you have an HSA, your contributions are pretax. If you have an SSA, your contribution will be post tax. The Consumer option continues to be the best value for team members and families.

If electing the Consumer Option remember that U-Haul will contribute tax-free up to $600 for member only coverage or up to $1,200 for family coverage. In order to receive the maximum company contribution ($600 member only/$1,200 family) you must be enrolled in the Consumer Option on January 1, 2014 and have completed the voluntary program activities by March 31, 2014. U-Haul may contribute a total of $300 for team members, with member only coverage and $600 for family coverage to their HSA. In order to receive the remaining company contribution you (and your covered spouse) must complete the program activities and contribute to your HSA. U-Haul will match, dollar-for-dollar, up to the maximum allowed company contribution.

The company contribution amount you are eligible for is based on the effective date of your medical coverage. If your medical coverage effective date is after January 1, 2014, the contribution amount will be prorated for the remaining months of the year ($50 per month member only, $100 per month family.)

Note: If you enroll in the Consumer Option your personal information will be sent to HealthEquity for verification. Once verified you will be sent a Welcome Kit along with a Visa Debit Card. If HealthEquity needs additional information they will contact you directly and indicate what information is needed. Existing members will not receive a new card.

NEW FOR BRONZE PLAN IN 2014: In order to be eligible for the reduced bi-weekly contribution amounts you (and your covered spouse) must successfully complete the following voluntary program activities:


If you are rejecting medical coverage and are covered as a dependent on your spouse's medical plan, you may be eligible for a $150 monthly rebate. Please refer to the "Spouse Information" section of the enrollment process

If you are rejecting medical coverage, have a legal spouse of the opposite gender who is not eligible for medical coverage through their employer and can show proof of medical coverage elsewhere, you may be eligible for a $75 Alternate Coverage Rebate


Review the benefit summaries for the Consumer Option and the Bronze Option.

If you and your spouse are both team members, and sign-up as two separate individuals under the Consumer Option or the Bronze Option, coordination of benefits is not available.

The definition of an eligible dependent may differ between the various benefits.
For medical, refer to the Consumer Option or the Bronze Option.


If you are adding a new dependent to your medical coverage, whose last name is different than your last name, additional paperwork will be required; (example: marriage certificate, birth certificate, adoption paperwork, court orders, or proof of legal guardianship). Please contact your Benefit Analyst for further assistance, email or call 1-866-323-8807.

A Disabled Dependent Child is defined as an unmarried child who has reached age 26 with a total and permanent disability who is unable to perform any substantial, gainful activity because of a physical or mental impairment that has been diagnosed and is expected to last indefinitely. The dependent must have been enrolled in the AMERCO Medical Plan at the time he/she reached age 26.

Generally, for medical benefit coverage, eligible benefits include: your spouse of the opposite gender, your or your spouse's eligible dependents up to age 26


In order to participate in a company sponsored medical plan, you must participate in the AMERCO Wellness Program.

You will be asked questions in the next section that indicate whether or not you are a tobacco user and whether or not your Body Mass Index (BMI) is below 30.